What is ACT4

We, Impresario, aim to promote “exceedingly talented” and “marvelous” things to be shared with you all together.

“ACT4” is the by-month life-style magazine, launched in April 2003 featuring Opera, Music and Art. “ACT4” means to enjoy the moments of the impression after great stages of opera and concerts, art, travel, book and meeting great people. Not only opera, but music and art and especially the people with such talents, brings you the meaning of life.

What we would like to provide to you is such amazing joys across the genres.

Apply for Membership

Annual fee 20,000Yen for overseas' member (including postage)

Member's benefit

  • “ACT4” magazine 6 times a year (Jan, Mar, May, July, Sep, Nov)
  • You can join “ACT4” 's society events
  • You can use “ACT4” Concierge;
    • Tailor Made Tour in Japan (Information about travel in Japan)
    • Arrangement of premium Tickets for Opera and Classic Concerts and Kabuki
    • You can make events with “ACT4”
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